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Friday, 30 April 2010

The long awaited "Collision" ( its long awaited for me anyway) is finally in movement. As I write this now its late on Saturday night and the end of filming for day two. All I have left to do on Sunday is two scenes.

Its gone well so far Id have to say and I've enjoyed myself. We've shot quickly and got more than enough footage for the edit. It helps when you've got motivated, enthusiastic crew and cast who know your script and what you want, inside out.
Watching back the footage, or rushes as we call them. I'm pretty proud to be in charge of this. It all looks pretty good, to me at least .

On the whole directing thing I'm not so sure about though. I like working as part of the team and I can never switch off the creative side when I'm on location, constantly looking for shots and angles and coming up with ideas. Those habits will die hard I suppose when I'm used to looking through the view finder as a camera operator more than over looking the bigger picture as a director. I definatly feel that my talent would be as a DOP (director of photography) and I would set up the look of the film, camera style and particular shots and also give feed back to the director.

Of course nothing in this industry is ever easy and its only my first attempt. I could well find that my skills as a director develop with further films. Or I may very well stick to what I'm good at- Camera work. After all I have been asked to do more of my classmates camera work than anyone else so I must be doing something right.

Looking forward to the comfy chairs of the edit suite now instead of braving the cold on location.
Next time - Some pictures of us on location, and the tips and tricks for making your film that you wont learn in film school.

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