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Monday, 19 April 2010

Hey everyone, Heres a quick look into my next project.

Mixed martial arts cage fighting is the fastest growing spectator sport in the world, since the early nineties it has developed greatly from its original ruthless bare knuckle no holds bar style. Today through the platform of the UFC (Ultimate fighting championship) Fighters from all forms of martial arts backgrounds come together to compete in an organised and respected athletic competition. Fighters will fight over five weight divisions to be the champion of their particular division. A standard fight would consist of three five minutes rounds. It is acceptable to win by a straight forward knock-out, a technical knock-out - whereby the referee would stop the fight if he feels that one fighter is no longer able to defend themselves properly against the other, or the fighter is in danger. By submission, usually where a fighter is placed in a hold which excerts either extreme pain to an area of the body or in a technique which would prevent him breathing In the case when a fight is not won inside the time limit by any of the above means the judges will decide on the winner based on who controlled the fight more. Basically to endure all this in order to win, competitors are not blood thirsty thugs, They are athletes. True martial artists.

So your probably wondering where I'm going with this by now?, Well since mixed martial arts cage fighting is the fastest growing sport in the world then its no surprise that the opportunity to take part in amateur fights of the same structure to UFC are springing up all over the UK.
The subject of my next project a - 20 minute documentary follows my friend Aidan's journey in the lead up to his first mixed martial arts cage fight. Whats so interesting about that then? Well it's common for fighters to drop several kilos in weight, give up drinking and train everyday in preparation for a fight. Junk food and alcohol will have to be given up also which to be honest is going to be a challenge in itself for Aidan a self confessed lover of the drink, as you can see below.

So I intend to follow him through tough training in several different martial arts and find out what it really takes to compete in a caged fight, ability will have to be matched with commitment determination and dedication. and finally if he does win. Will it all have been worth it ?

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