" If you believe in nothing else, Believe in yourself "

Monday, 29 March 2010

Hey everyone,

This past week has been pretty tough for me. I'm sure any person making a film will tell you that as soon as you start to organise people, places, dates, times and finally book that equipment out its exactly when things start to go wrong. People become unavailable , locations close and you soon find yourself rearranging those dates and times, you start to stress and wonder how your ever going to manage to actually get things done. - My friend Sulaiman will agree.

So when I thought I had it bad, something put it all into perspective. The sudden loss of my uncle Steven on Saturday night, things like my film now seem irrelevant compared to this. As I sit almost lost for words the one thing I can say is learn to appreciate what you have whilst you have it.

With that said, today I went a drive and a walk across the beach with my sister.

Here's some photos.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Hey guys,

So as I've told you in my personal profile(if you bothered to read it) I'm into my photography so I thought Id upload some of the black and white prints I did early last year.

They are all taken on a SLR camera, and developed in a dark room. They lose something when scanned so they don't appear as deep or glossy as the original prints.

Ill upload some more in future posts, I hope you enjoy them.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hey Guys,
Seeing as this is my first Blog I thought I'd talk about my short film that I am making which is my first Called "Collision" . Directed by myself it will feature my old teacher, good friend and Great actor Shaun as my main Character and other good friend- and very talented actress, Caitlin. The Idea started over 2 two years ago sitting in high school in my much enjoyed film makers class. Since then the story has developed with great ideas and twists to the tale but now I have a great story together a completed script and I'm due to start filming in a few weeks time.
The plot consists around Shaun The drunk Driver who crashes his car into Caitlin accidentally when She's out on a jog. Instead of calling an ambulance and face charges for drink driving etc. Shaun decides he could get away with his crime, There is no one around and if he hides the body nobody could ever suspect him. So he does and it appears as if he has gotten away with his selfish crime. Not exactly, as Caitlin haunts his dreams and thoughts continuously until one day his thoughts step into the real world and Caitlin gets her own back.

I will be joined on location in Elgin by College pals Sulaiman, Struan, and Laurence. Hopefully all goes well and "Collision" gets featured in the Belmont later this year !