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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hey everyone,
In my last post I said " as soon as you start to organise people places dates and times.... its exactly when things start to go wrong " Oh how I was to be proven right. Let me paint you a picture.

Tuesday morning 8 am, wake up and open the blinds- and I am greeted by a covering of snow, Its march 31 st and its snowing outside ! I wondered, Do they have this problem in Hollywood ?, I'd think not, only in Scotland would the weather appear to be improving for spring and then suddenly snow over night.

9 am. Arrive in the multimedia centre to pick up my equipment, but I don't get everything id ask for theirs things missing due to people not bringing back equipment on time so I have to leave with essentially a camera and a tripod. I Sludged back to my flat with the equipment weighing a hefty amount, but it wasn't the weight that slowed me down. Two large oddly shaped bags are just difficult to maneuver over half a mile. Needless to say I was soaked.

3.25 pm My train is late, I'm already 7 quid down after a taxi, they haven't announced this trains trains lateness, so there is mass confusion between about 150 people. Thirty minutes late the train arrives... at a different platform, Que stampede, and me desperately trying to carry all this equipment through a riot of people. Luckily I get a seat and the train departs. Finally I can get home to do some filming.

4.30 Train has stopped just past Insch. Theirs a problem with "the points" they said so we waited and waited and I thought to myself its snowing pretty heavy outside at least 8 inches deep, If we don't get a move on soon then the train will be stuck in the snow as well. Why don't they just pull the train back to Insch and organize some buses ? No! That solution would appear to much like sense. The train waited an hour, two hours, THREE HOURS ! The worst part being the area had no signal, I couldn't even call and tell anyone my situation. Id like to mention I was also starving. They wouldn't even come past with the trolley and offer people something to eat or drink !

7.45 The train has been advised to head back to Aberdeen. At a crawling pace, I could have walked faster.

8.50. We arrive back in Aberdeen, Square one 5 hours after I departed. I thought to myself Its a good job nobody else was relying on me. That this shoot wasn't 100% necessary. After all This was supposed to be the day filming officially started. I really be should bringing three others with me, I ended up changing the dates.

The trains are cancelled for the next few days so I'm stuck in Aberdeen during the holidays, Great!

Here's some more photography.

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  1. Haha, thats awful!...Scotland eh...the land of dreams!