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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hey Guys,

Finally finished shooting last Sunday and I've watched the footage. Im delighted with what Ive managed especially over a weekend. On monday the film will be captured into the edit suite and then the fun really begins.

Changed my mind on directing as well. I really enjoyed Sunday on my own and I really felt I got the best from my actors as well as the best from myself. Now I know why people through the stress of doing the whole process over and over, because you'll never beat the feeling of satisfaction you get when its complete.

Id also like to say thanks to a few people, without sounding like a speech at the Oscars, here goes
Suliaman, my assistant it was good having you on location you helped out lots and took some pressure off me with your dedication and knowledge of the film.

Shaun, My mentor. Taught me everything I know I've a lot to thank you for because I know that without you then I wouldn't have chosen this career path. You gave 100% and more to help out and some of your tips gave the film something extra, not scared of a stunt either. Great friend, Great actor.

Caitlin, going places, a natural actress definitely worth having on your film. The final scene was great with you in it.

Mum and dad, kept everyone fed and were patient with us turning the house upside down. Everyone will back me up that the food was great and that's always appreciated in the industry.

Heres a few photos of us on location.
Lots of projects coming up. Lots to write about busy stuff.

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