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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Thought Id post some of my favourite films for your enjoyment still have many more great films to see but here's the best of what I have seen.

Saving Private Ryan, love this film seen it so many times great story line, great action favourite film of all time its just my kind of film. Everything was so realistic, good job from Steven Spielberg and all the actors.

Fight club, absolutely epic watched it for the first time and my mind was blown, definitely did not see the ending coming. I could watch this film again and again. good performances from Edward Norton and Brad Pitt kept me hooked every step of the way.

The Green Mile. Who couldn't have been drawn in by this epic storyline ? Amazing film had so much to offer and it was difficult not to feel sad at the end.

Snatch+ lockstock and two smoking barrels the two are on a par with each other and their easily put together by their similar styles. I base some of my ideas round this style of film which had everything. I loved the violence humour and all the twists in the tale. Loved how it was shot and some of the transitions as well.

Gladiator, another that I've watched over and over. Russell Crowe is one of my favourite actors and the story of the gladiator who shook an empire was so well told and had so many great and believable action scenes.

Hook. Child hood favourite. Was obsessed with this film as a child I loved the flying the fighting and how a guy has to go back to Neverland and believe in childhood things to find that he is Peter Pan. Loved every bit of it.

Home Alone 1 and 2. Made my imagination run wild as a child. Such a fun film, loved it so much that I wanted to be that boy, and on several occasions I did actually tell people my name was Kevin Mcalister. Even had the Talkboy tape recorder. Just a brilliantly fun film.

Goodfellas, An exciting story very well told even better that its based on true events. Real gangster film with some great scenes and great acting. A really good watch.

The kingdom, essentially sums up the middle east, the same attitude towards each other,all shown through a very good storyline.

Crash, How some very different people come together from all different walks of life showing the racial prejudices and unfairness in society. Had some heart wrenching moments with some clever coincidences.

That's just the top 10, there's so many great films I've watched so many times that ill have to add another time, feel free to comment and suggest some more.

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